Storm Moves In
Morrison Bridge
West Mooring Basin Astoria
Blue Steel
The Curve
Steel Bridge and Convention Center
Cargo Ship, Shadow of Golden Gate
Glenn Jackson Bridge
Shadows from the Bridge
St. Johns Bridge
Broadway Bridge
Mill Creek Bridge
Tilikum Crossing
Muddy Creek Trestle
Cathedral Park
White Stag Sign
Hawthorne Bridge
Vernonia Trestle
Beaver Creek Bridge

The nineteen images on this page were exhibited at the Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center Gallery 6/1/2017 to 10/3/2017.


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The evening/night images on this page ware exhibited at Clackamas County Development Services Building-3rd Floor Gallery

12/14/2017 to 3/8/2018.


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All images on this site are available for purchase in a variety of sizes, framed or unframed.  Rights for digital use may also purchased.

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