“Reach for Life”   by Loren Blaine  Available for purchase $9,600

Description of the work

“Reach For Life” depicts a tree clinging to a jagged harsh landscape and reaching for the water in a tranquil pool.

The person passing by can see the beauty in this human made representation of nature, the beauty of the tree and the pool. Someone who looks for a moment will feel the tree stretching for the pool, and sense its need for life, that the water holds. The viewer that lingers may notice the surreal aspects... how the tree clutches to the rocks that could not be stacked by nature, the way the tree reaches for something it can not yet touch, how the pool is too perfect in its shape, and the mechanical structure of the tree.

Theme: The artist’s interpretation of the importance of water to our lives.

With this sculpture I convey the tree’s intense need for the water and that feeling we all have had trying to reach something that is just beyond our grasp. The tree stretches and reaches farther than is natural trying to get to the water that it requires to live, the tree is a symbol of our lives and all life.

Exhibition Period

“Reach for Life” was created by Loren Blaine to be exhibited at the City Hall Sculpture Garden in Milwaukie Oregon after its concept was chosen to be part of the 2015-2017 exhibition period.


Wire over a framework of Rebar and Concrete atop Natural Stones. The metalwork was mostly painted mottled shades of brown except for the leaves which are green. It will rust over time leading to a more organic feel. The inside of the pool is painted to enhance the reflection of sky.


Dimensions: 11 feet high, 11 foot diameter.

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